Help Your Child To Deal With The “Pressure”

Every day every one of us faces a host of different kinds of pressures that life brings us. We live in a very dynamic society and an increasingly challenging environment full of information, influences, opinions etc. Our children are faced with similar pressures and the sport of their choice can be one of them.Throughout my career as a professional athlete, if there is one thing I have learned it is that the biggest pressure that we face is of our own making. It can take the form of feeling the burden of expectations (realistic or not), or a fear of inability to perform when it matters most,

Source: Help Your Child To Deal With The “Pressure”


When it comes to fitness training, it is really important to catch them young. With the correct approach, fitness training allows kids to develop as early as age eight. It can help the most athletic player improve his/her game, and the most timid bookworm or avid video-gamer gain self-confidence and maintain a healthy weight…



Water safety: What you should know about children drowning

Drowning is among the top causes of accidental death worldwide, accounting for 7 percent of all injury-related deaths. In the United States, drowning is the second-leading cause of injury-related deaths of children of all ages – second only to motor vehicle collisions. Drowning can happen to anyone’s child, in an instant and right in front of you. With the weather heating up and swimming becoming more frequent, learn how you can build extra layers of protection for children around water…. Continue reading